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Question   Thank you! You did a wonderful Job!
You did a wonderful job on my homecoming pictures! They turned out great even though they were not edited yet! Thank you for taking your time in coming over and doing the pictures! Eveyone LOVES them!
Thanks again!

- Elyse Glowacki 10/10/2010 1:05:07 PM

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Question   Nice Work
Jimmy, great job with the pic's. You didnt mention this when I saw you up north, you should really be pushing this.

- Jim (wiz) Ryerse 10/6/2010 3:35:41 PM

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Question   Great Pictures!
You do a fantastic job! First time I've been to your site and am really impressed! I'll be checking back for more great pics!

- Colleen Miller 9/20/2010 4:01:41 AM

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Question   Awesome Pictures!
Awesome pictures!! You put effort & pride into your work. I know you will be blessed and succeed in what you do!!!

- Michele McMillan 5/10/2010 12:37:27 PM

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Question   I love your RREEDDBBUUDD(REDBUD) pictures.
I love your redbud pictures. I really like the ryan villipoto ones. also the james stewert. you do a very good job taking photos. keep the good work up. BBRRAAAAAA!

- TJ Glowacki 1/11/2010 4:50:34 PM

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Question   awesome!
Jim is a very good photographer! He takes a lot of pride in his work! I will always have him take my pictures at my horse shows! Also I will have him take my senior pictures when the time comes! I love his work and I always will! Keep up the wonderful work Jim!

- Elyse Glowacki 1/10/2010 11:30:51 AM

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Question   Hello
I am interested in having you do my wedding photos..i love the work you"ve done. I will be getting back with you shortly.

- Tara Beach 12/17/2009 9:16:01 PM

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Question   Pictures
thank you for the awesome senior pictures, they turned out really good. your a great photographer and ill be sure to refer you to some of my friends. .....p.s. 755 will always win (joe said it)

- Leah Fortenberry 6/4/2009 9:31:04 AM

  Answer Leah,
You are very welcome. It was a pleasure working with you. Please keep me in mind for yourself, friends or relatives for any future photos needed.
Once again, thanks.

- Jim M.  6/12/2009 6:16:51 AM

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Question   Good Job
Great photos. Good Luck!

- Barb J. 5/2/2009 5:33:23 AM

  Answer Thanks Barb. :)

- Jim M.  6/12/2009 6:17:29 AM

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Question   Congratulations...
Hi Jim, Congratulations, your work is beautiful...the site is very user friendly....the pictures are great....I will need pics of my boys in August...will contact you when the time gets closer.....best of luck to you...Valerie...

- Valerie Brown 5/1/2009 7:50:24 AM

  Answer I'd be honored Valerie. I will be ready, just let me know anytime.
Thanks so much for the warm compliments. :)

- Jim M.  5/27/2009 2:43:23 PM

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